Who We Are

Urban sandy beaches are important natural coastal ecosystems, vital to the survival of many animal and plant species. This critical role of beaches is largely unknown to most of the millions of people that visit every year. Our project involves a pilot monitoring program, with citizen scientists in four counties, and a web-based portal for the public to identify plants and animals commonly found on sandy beaches and their ecological roles.



Carpinteria City Beach

Carpinteria Creek and its tidal lagoon are home to a variety of birds and small animals. Among the birds you may spot there are marsh wrens, great blue herons, and ducks.

Rincon City Beach

Also known as the "Queen of the Coast", Rincon is one of the most famous surf spots in California, known around the world for its well-formed waves and long rides.

Nicholas Canyon County Beach

Nicholas Canyon is usually less crowded than most Malibu beaches. Surfers refer to this beach as “Zeros” or “Point Zero” and it is one of the few perfect point breaks left in Los Angeles County.

Westward Beach

With its close proximity to the film and television industry location, Point Dume's Westward Beach continues to be a popular filming location for films, television, advertisements, and videos, appearing frequently whenever a beach scene is needed.

Crystal Cove State Beach

Crystal Cove State Park has a registered 180 different species of birds. Some of the birds seen regularly include the Turkey Vulture, Mourning Dove, Ring Bullied Gull, the Common Raven, and the House Sparrow.

Huntington City Beach

Huntington beach provides a nesting sanctuary for California least terns, an endangered subspecies, and snowy plovers, a threatened species on the West Coast.

San Elijo State Beach

The narrow, bluff-backed stretch of sand has a nearby reef and at low tide, there is a tide pool that many walk to in order to see the sea life. It is also not uncommon to see jellyfish in the area.

Mission Beach

At Mission Beach, in San Diego, you’ll see an abundance of wildlife, among them dolphins, shorebirds, and feral cats.